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How to Market Your Event

Planning an event can be hard work, logistically you have to juggle a lot of different tasks, and when the organisation is over,…
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email marketing

10 Email Marketing Stats to Pay Attention to

Email marketing is still a very popular and successful way to market your business, take a look at these 10 email marketing stats…
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Social Media Videos

How long should my social media videos be?

Social media can be a minefield if you’re not familiar with it. Images sizes, video lengths, ratios, and that’s just the techy bit.…
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The Simple 5-Step Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

The Simple 5-Step Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business The marketing messages you deliver to each of your marketing channels should build on…
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Confused Lady

Stuck for content? Here’s how to market fun niche holidays in 2022

It might be difficult at times not to recycle your content, new ideas aren’t always easy to come up with. Clients don’t want…
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On-Hold Website

Do I Still Need a Website in 2022?

You may think that a website in 2022 is a little outdated after all you are visible across so many social media platforms…
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Video Marketing

How Video Marketing Can Bring Your Brand to Life

I don’t know any business that isn’t looking to grow revenue, increase traffic or reach more decision-makers, and video is a great way…
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5 Ways to Increase Revenue with On-Hold Marketing

We all want to increase our revenue, but have you ever thought that your on-hold messages could be the perfect place for your…
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People thinking

IVR Script and Sample On-Hold Messages

Love them or hate them, IVR’s are a necessity in many industries, so if you need one, you should have the best IVR…
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Angry on-hold caller

How Long Should You Keep Your Customers On-Hold?

People hate being put on hold, but what they hate more is being on hold in silence. But how long should you be…
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