We've been developing custom audio messages for almost two decades. We can provide professional audio for phone systems, eLearning and tutorials, tv and radio ads, in-store announcements, videos, presentations and so much more.
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Leveraging the expertise of our award-winning British English voiceovers can ensure your podcast stands out with a polished and captivating audio presence.
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Audio has the power to evoke emotion, build trust and ultimately drive sales. We put a lot of effort into creating compelling audio that resonates with your audience.
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Our skilled voice actors can tailor their delivery to match the specific tone, style and branding of your project, ensuring a cohesive and compelling auditory experience.
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Curious if our audio production service suits you? Embrace certainty by reserving a complimentary, immersive audio demo from our production team.
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Brace yourselves for a bittersweet farewell as BT Openreach bids adieu to ISDN and PSTN in 2025. Prepare for change and discover how it impacts your business.
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Professional Audio Messages to Complete your Phone System

We specialise in audio marketing for telephone systems, both VOIP and traditional. Whether you are looking for music on hold or on hold messages, perhaps call menu options and out of hours too; we can take care of every part of the process for you.

Immediately and instantly introduces your business and represents it in a positive, and professional manner.

Inform callers during your closed time of your opening days and hours and suggest they visit your website.

Present your callers with multiple options to ensure they are directed to where they need to be quickly.

With men, women and children of all ages, and a range of different styles, we’re bound to have the ideal voice.

Engage, attract and appeal to your callers while promoting your business and reinforcing your brand.

Choose from our Single Payment option with no ongoing fees, or our Managed plan to update periodically.

What Makes Audio Services from Onhold Studio Different?

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding customer service and support, along with expert advice on how to best meet the requirements of any audio application.

Professional Voice Talent for On Hold Messaging, eLearning & Tutorials, Audio-Visual, In-Store Announcements, Voicemail Greetings, Explainer Videos, Podcast Intros, plus much more!

We boast highly competitive pricing

Provide a flexible managed service

Relationships with loads of industries

Fast turnaround within 3 working days

Choice of one-off or periodic productions

Audio expertly mixed and edited in-house

High quality audio for various applications

Award winning voice talent & editing team

We'll help you get started

Browse our range of audio services, our music library and our fantastic range of call solutions — all of which are designed to enhance your caller experience.

Audio Services

We can provide professional audio for telephone systems, eLearning and tutorials, tv and radio commercials, in-store announcements, videos, presentations and so much more.

Call Solutions

Our partners provide a range of cloud-based telephony solutions to suit every budget and requirement. Our specialist team can work with you to choose the very best solution for your business.

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Enhance Your Podcast with Professional Voiceovers from Our Award-Winning Talent

Leveraging the expertise of our award-winning British English voiceovers for podcast intros, outros, and mid-roll adverts, we can ensure your podcast stands out with a polished and captivating audio presence.
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