Professional Audio Messages to Complete your Phone System

We specialise in audio marketing for telephone systems, both VOIP and traditional. Whether you are looking for music on hold or on hold messages, perhaps call menu options and out of hours too; we can take care of every part of the process for you.

Immediately and instantly introduces your business and represents it in a positive, and professional manner.

Present your callers with multiple options ensuring that they are directed to where they need to be swiftly.

Engage, attract and appeal to your callers while promoting your business and reinforcing your brand.

Our extensive library of royalty-free music features different styles and genres throughout the decades.

Interest, engage and maybe even amuse your callers. A happy caller increases your likelihood of success.

With men, women and children of all ages, and a range of different styles, we’re bound to have the ideal voice.

Inform callers during your closed time of your opening days and hours and suggest they visit your website.

We provide a range of could-based VoIP phones, from reputable brands that suit every task and budget.

Complete our short form which will allow us to accurately quote you within 60 minutes of completion during working hours!

What Makes Audio Services from Onhold Studio Different?

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding customer service and support, along with expert advice on how to best meet the requirements of any audio application.

Professional Voiceovers for eLearning & Tutorials, Business Internet, Telephone Messaging Systems, TV and Radio Commercials, In Store Announcements plus much more!

We boast highly competitive pricing

Provide a flexible managed service

Relationships with loads of industries

Choice of one-off or periodic productions

Every piece of our audio is bespoke

High Quality Audio for any phone system

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