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Christmas from Onhold Studio

What do we do?

We specialise in audio marketing for telephone systems. This includes producing on hold messages, out of hours messaging, call menu options and voicemail. We can take care of every part of the process for you, from creation to installation.

  • Every piece of our audio is bespoke,
  • We boast highly competitive pricing,
  • Can produce one-off productions,
  • Or provide a flexible managed service, for updates throughout the year.

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Find out more about our services

We offer a wide range of general and bespoke audio messages for a variety of uses, telephone systems, videos and even radio advertising!

Immediately and instantly introduces your business and represents it in a positive, professional and impressive manner.

Present your callers with multiple options ensuring that they’re directed to where they need to be swiftly.

Engage, attract and appeal to your callers while promoting your business and reinforcing your brand.

Inform anybody who calls during your closed time of your opening days and hours and suggest they visit your website.

For those who run business from their mobile, let those callers you missed know you’ll get back to them soon.

With men, women and children of all ages, and a range of different styles, we’re bound to have the ideal voice for you.

Our extensive library of music features a range of different styles and genres from throughout the world and the years.

Interest, engage and maybe even amuse your callers. A happy caller increases your likelihood of success.

These are just a few of our fantastic clients! Join them, and let OHS make you sound spectacular!