On Hold Messages

On Hold Messages

Your callers will learn more about your products and services whilst losing their perception of time

We provide bespoke on hold messages, more and more business is conducted over the phone all the time so it’s important you’re presented in the most professional and courteous manner possible.

You should never consider putting a caller on hold as a bad move. This is your opportunity to continue informing your caller of important and interesting information about your business.

At Onhold Studio, we cater for businesses that require call menu option messages. We can create and produce any and all customised call menu options for you.

94% of marketing budgets are spent on attaining calls

88% of callers prefer on hold messages to any other option

70% of callers hang up after 30 seconds of silence

34% of callers who hang up due to silence will not call back

25% of callers stay longer due to on hold messaging

20% of businesses sales increased with on hold messages

Why should you consider on hold messages?

You are considering putting a property on the market and you give an estate agent a call.

Your call is answered and while being transferred to the relevant department you hear on hold messages. Whilst waiting their on hold message is informing you about the options available to you, from how your property will be advertised through to information about a free market appraisal on your property, followed by a great mortgage deal that is currently available.

Aren’t these on hold messages a lot better than being left in silence or just listening to the radio? Rather than being frustrated about waiting you’re being told exactly what you need to know. This saves both the caller and the business time all while increasing the likelihood of a successful deal.

About our on hold messages

We can create tailored on hold messages for you. Using the information you want to convey, the products and services you want to showcase, and the deals and offers you want to promote. We offer a totally customisable and collaborative service, which combines the knowledge you have of your business and industry and our specialist expertise.

To get a better idea of what we’re about you can listen to some examples of on hold messages we’ve produced below.

Need an audio project voiced in a specific accent, in a particular style, or language?

That's no problem for Onhold Studio! We have recorded audio productions in various languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Polish and many more!

The example in the video is for a well-renowned online furniture store in France. As part of their on hold message, it advertises why customers should choose them, the benefits of their luxurious furniture and a special offer to entice them too.

We can record your audio production in a number of styles too, from funny characters (Santa is popular at Christmastime), to conversational, corporate, high energy, emotional or casual.

Please feel free to discuss your language requirements with our team and we'll be happy to provide more information.

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