5 Ways to Increase Revenue with On-Hold Marketing

We all want to increase our revenue, but have you ever thought that your on-hold messages could be the perfect place for your marketing? here are 5 tips on how to maximise the messages:

1. Messages with meaning

Good messaging is key when it comes to on-hold messages, always include the basics, in case somebody calls out of hours, and talks about the different products or services.

Think of it as a mini advert, how much would you pay to have this undivided attention of your customer?

2. Don’t repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you have long wait times, don’t continuously repeat messages, this can be quite infuriating if an hour later you are listening to the same apology or corny music. And don’t apologise too many times for being on hold. This can be counterproductive and may come across as disingenuous.

3. Mention special offers

Mentioning things like seasonal special offers keep your content fresh, this is important if you have customers regularly calling you. It also gives you the opportunity to increase your sales. This leads me to the then next point.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Website and Social Media

Driving your callers to your website or social pages, wherever you want the most engagement will help increase online orders, app downloads, blog views or followers.

5. Keep it professional

If you are setting up your on-hold in-house, consider looking at outsourcing the copy if you don’t have a marketing team. A good script will convert callers and keep them on-hold. Alternatively, you could outsource the whole production and service to a company like Onhold studio, we have a wide variety of voiceovers covering many accents and languages. If you have any questions, the team is always happy to help. You can call the team on 0333 990 0009 or email us at info@onholdstudio.co.uk

Take a look at our IVR Script and Sample on hold messages blog for more inspiration.

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