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Onhold Studio has been developing custom audio messages for almost two decades. With simple pricing, expert scriptwriting, professional voice talent, and editing and post production, all included as standard. We can provide professional audio for telephone systems, eLearning and tutorials, tv and radio commercials, in-store announcements, videos, presentations and so much more.

Real People

All of our voice artists are real people. In fact, many of them are multi-award winning voices. We don't think computer-generated voices are at a quality yet to replace human voice talent, not even Alexa!

We have a massive range of voices, all sorts of accents, and even different languages. Our voice talent can follow your brief perfectly, whether that is soft and laid back, forward and professional, or even loud and excited!

Voice Your Project

What sort of style of read are you looking for? Do you know what words to brief your voiceover artist with, so they understand the result you’re after? Our expert audio team can discuss this with you.

The voiceover style you require will largely be dependent on what the voiceover is for, and the audience it is directed at. Popular styles include conversational, corporate, high energy, emotional or casual.

Foreign Languages

As our world continues to shrink, companies around the globe are looking for more than just English voices for their multimedia projects. More and more brands are looking to break into non-English speaking markets to expand their reach.

Whether you are looking for a single voice in one language, or dozens of voices in multiple languages. Onhold Studio can offer a timely turnaround for all our foreign voice over artists, recording and post production. All at a price that won’t bust your budget.

After the recordings are completed, we can also professionally clean and edit the audio and mix with a soundtrack from our extensive royalty free audio library. Or, we can just deliver the raw audio files for your own team to edit.

Our audio library has more than 50 Voices including a variety of foreign languages such as Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Trusted by 5,000 companies

A&M Energy
Very helpful from start to finish, easy and friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a professional, fun and relaxed voiceover or even for a more corporate tone. Take a look at their website where they have some good examples.    
Sophie Saunders
Facility Manager

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