Audio Services

Our audio branding services can revitalise your phone systems.

Greet everybody who gives you a call. A Welcome message immediately and instantly introduces your business and represents it in a positive, professional and impressive manner.

Present your callers with multiple options, giving them a clear understanding of your departments, and ensuring that they’re directed to where they need to be swiftly.

Engage, attract and appeal to your callers while promoting your business and reinforcing your brand. Present your latest offers, deals, products and services while keeping the caller focused.

Inform anybody who calls during your closed time of your opening days and hours. Perhaps you could give them emergency contact details or suggest they visit your website.

For those who run business from their mobile a customised voicemail message you can let those callers you missed know they’ve rang the right place and you’ll get back to them soon.

We work with a large team of experienced and professional voiceover artists. With men, women and children of all ages, and a range of different styles, we’re bound to have the ideal voice for you.

Our extensive library of music features a range of different styles and genres from throughout the years. We’re sure to have the right piece to represent you and suit your requirements.

You phone messages can be what you want them to be. Interest, engage and maybe even amuse your callers. A happy caller increases your likelihood of success once you’re on the phone with them.

Not convinced? Order a free and customised on hold demo so we can show you what we can do!