OHS Packages

Our best services and offers, bundled together just for you!

Need to change your messages throughout the year? Emergency staff training day or new opening hours and need to change your phone messages?  you might just be interested in our Managed Service!

Our ‘Multi-Message Audio’ package can be a cost saving service when looking for multiple messages. Pick from one of three bands, and use the number of messages for whatever you need.

Is your brand stuck in the past? Do you want to accelerate the look and feel of your business into the future? Change can be scary, but often is a really good thing!

Video continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and target markets, more often than not a video can get an idea across better than a block of text.

Have you ever wondered how your callers found you before they called? Or which web pages they viewed before they called? Our call tracking solutions can tell you just that!

Why not order a free and customised on hold demo so we can show you what we can do?