Road Haulage and Transport Services

Tailored audio solutions for the road haulage and transport services industry.

Hear sample music on hold audio files created for some of our many road haulage and transportation customers below. Our typical on hold files typically have a runtime of approximately 2-3 minutes and comprise of 4-6 marketing messages. We can also provide bespoke quotations for audio files longer than 3 minutes.

Market Transportation Services Advertise Logistics Discuss Storage Solutions Keep Callers On Hold Extended Call Times

Market Transportation Services

Reassure your callers that are on hold about your transportation company and provide information to them about lesser-known services.

Advertise Logistics

Use your on hold time to market your business in a professional way - all while keeping callers from hanging up!

Discuss Storage Solutions

Discuss your available transportation, storage and delivery solutions to callers while they are on hold.

Keep Callers On Hold

Instead of silence or beeps, use informational on hold messages to increase caller satisfaction and keep your callers on the phone for longer!

Extended Call Times

On hold messages are perfect for companies with extended hold times. We can provide audio with a runtime of 30 seconds right the way up to 3 hours.

Using the information you want to convey, the products and services you want to showcase, and the deals and offers you want to promote. We offer a totally customisable and collaborative service, which combines the knowledge you have of your business and industry and our expertise.

Hello Alex, That is perfect thank you! Thanks again for all your help, everyone at Onhold Studio.
Steve C
Purchasing & Networking Manager
I would like to say thank you very much for all yours and your teams hard work. I will definitely be recommending your services.
Thomas H
Sales & Hire

A Simple Three Step Process

Getting started with Onhold Studio is simple, see how our three-step process works.

Discovery Call or Email & Proposal

We will give you a call (or email if specified) so that we can learn more about your company and provide you with a customised proposal that is tailored to your specific needs.

Script Creation
& Script Approval

Our scriptwriting team will create the ideal messages to promote your company. You select your voiceover and music track from our extensive library, before approving the script.

Audio Production
& Audio Approval

Our studio team will record your messages and mix them with the music of your choice. Your audio files will be formatted and ready to be loaded into your phone system.

Road Haulage and Transport Services Customers

Various File Formats for System Compatibility

Onhold Studio can provide downloads that include the following file formats:

  • CCITT a-Law (wav) - 8bit, 8kHz mono
  • CCITT u-Law (wav) - 8bit, 8kHz mono
  • MP3 192 kbps mono
  • WAV, mono, 8bit, 8kHz mono
  • WAV, mono, 16bit, 8kHz mono
  • WAV, mono, 16bit, 44kHz mono

We can provide the full quality WAV file so you can convert to any other format.

Systems We Work With

This is a non-exhaustive representation of the systems we work with.

Got Questions?

We have worked with thousands of customers all over the world. So we've pretty much heard every question imaginable. We are only a phone call away, so call us on 0333 990 0009 and will gladly answer any questions.