Supporting Remote Working with VoIP Cloud-based Telephony

Onhold Studio helps customers upgrade their telephony so their teams to work remotely. Making sure their teams function effectively and maintain business as usual. Our own team is working very productively, this way too.

Despite the upheaval and uncertainty about the future, the surprising speed and ease of transition to remote working has led many companies to radically rethink the future shape of their businesses, with remote working now increasingly at the heart of their forward planning.

In recent days we’ve had discussions with business owners about how to maximise investment in the technology required to embrace remote working long-term.

With that in mind, we have put together some of our top tips you should know about. The first is to make the move to powerful VoIP telephony.

VoIP Technology

VoIP telephony makes remote working easier. Firstly by enabling voice and video calls and conferencing anywhere in the world, from any device – with just the internet. Secondly, improved communications mean that you can manage your remote teams more effectively. As it is Cloud-based, with VoIP you’ll enjoy:

  • Next-generation technology that’s simple to install and easy to use and maintain. With the flexibility to use your own devices and keep the same phone number across all devices. Easy scale up and scale down at speed and work from any location.
  • Access to the latest versions, updates, applications, and mobile working features. For example, enabling remote workers to appear to be office-based, or virtual geographical numbers where office or service location is important. Missed calls and opportunities will be a thing of the past.
  • Integration with your other business-critical systems and platforms. Call with a click of the mouse in your CRM system. Or pair your VoIP platform with Microsoft Teams for added functionality.

Remote working really transforms the way your business operates, and many of the points are good. For example, with VoIP, you can use as many of the great features as possible. Like call forwarding, auto-attendant and virtual extensions, and you can fully integrate it with your other business systems too. Unfortunately, some businesses only use some features of VoIP and miss out on the game-changing benefits.

Our team can help your company embrace VoIP in totality. You’ll have a great phone system and secure communications platform that boosts productivity, agility, teamworking, employee satisfaction, and customer service. What’s more, with our bespoke audio branding packages, you’ll also sound the part too. You’ll also achieve significant savings in business phone line and contract costs. With no line rental or contractual commitments or major capital investment.

Customers embracing VoIP telephony frequently tell us that they’re amazed at how easy it is to make the switch. If you are interested in learning more. Please call us on 0333 990 0009 or fill in our contact form. See how we can help you to embrace and make the most remote working technologies.

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