Restaurants Don’t Have to Miss Any Potential Booking Opportunities

The Onhold Studio Restaurant Profit Partner System never misses a call and always promotes your latest specials or offers to every caller.

How many times have you called a restaurant that claims exceptional service, amazing food and an unforgettable experience?

Your expectations are through the roof! You eagerly call them to make that special booking for that special occasion and your first initial experience is engaged, tone, after your third attempt you get through only to be put on hold to silence, not sure if they’ve hung up you try again and all you hear is the engaged tone!

A Lost Opportunity!

Too many Restaurants miss these golden opportunities to maximise on their caller’s experience and reduce lost booking opportunities.

Onhold Studio works with many restaurants to ensure every call is answered, (no engaged tone) every caller is professionally welcomed and informed of any special offers whilst they are waiting to be connected, they are even given other options for their booking arrangements if they are in a hurry. They are kept focused on some of the exciting menu options and special events coming up!

But most importantly they feel valued, and their experience is a positive first impression.

Considering 60% of customers still call to make a booking. How much could a missed call cost you?

Most people when they find a good restaurant will come back for more on a regular basis and recommend it to friends and family! 

That one missed call can turn into many hundreds of pounds in lost residual revenue.

Restaurant Profit Partner System

  • 24/7 greetings that present a professional image to guests. Restaurants are fast paced, and if your host or maître d' is helping customers, other customers could get frustrated waiting on the phone. With the OHS Profit Partner System, you can build menu options that service callers quickly when ordering take-away, asking about dietary requirements, or confirming directions to your location.
  • Work remotely as easily as though you were at your office desk. Restaurant managers are often on the go checking on suppliers, while the chef is in the kitchen working with staff to perfect the menu. The two need to be in constant communication, and the OHS Connect System can keep your staff connected no matter where they are.
  • Notify the right staff easily. You can create customisable ring groups that route calls to certain departments or groups of staff members. For example, calls from suppliers can go straight to restaurant management, while other calls can be routed straight to the kitchen team and the chef, while guest calls go to the host.
  • Boost customer service. Maintain fast call-back times with Caller-ID in Call Logs to easily confirm reservations. You can even seamlessly record calls to review for training purposes.

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