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Preparing to re-open your business? Make sure your messages are up to date!

Companies are preparing to re-open their businesses, after these unprecedented times, have to ensure everything is ship-shape and Covid compliant.

This also means ensuring their phone systems are giving out the right messages, from the initial greeting to changes in opening hours, Covid safety measures and relevant information. At OnHold Studio we have 15 years of experience in creating professional phone messages, ensuring callers are kept interested and focused whilst they are waiting to be connected.

Updating your messages

Preparing your caller experience to let them know you are open for business and you have all the relevant safety measures in place for their protection! Updating your phone system with information about your opening hours, remote working, delivery options and website details reduces uncertainty in these difficult times and improves customers’ confidence.

The first thing your callers will hear is your greeting (Auto Attendant). An updated greeting puts your callers at ease and builds confidence in your company’s first priority, to ensure you have set up all the relevant Covid safety initiatives for their protection.

Keeping your valued customers informed of any changes you may make in these difficult times, rather than the old standard messages, puts you ahead and tells them you are ready and open for business.

Out of hours message

Rather than just saying we are closed! You could be giving options such as directing them to your website for more information, alternative options to speak to someone, email details, or an emergency number, reducing missed opportunities.

Your customers’ experience is more important now than ever! First impressions need to be positive and confidence building.

Telephone technology is changing and moving Into the cloud

More and more companies are adopting cloud-based telephone systems, because they offer many additional benefits over traditional systems, such as ease of use, remote home working features, cost savings, flexibility and numerous possibilities for enhancing the caller experience.

These include welcome messages, on hold, out of hours messages, menu options, call diversion, call recording and remote maintenance and management. These are all standard features designed to reduce missed calls and enhance caller experience. At Onhold we offer the complete service.

Onhold Studio, making every call count!

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