Frequently Asked Audio Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions?

How long does it take?

We can usually turn message around in 48-72 hours from script approval and VO choice, but it does depends on voiceover availability. Some are busier than others!

Do you use computer generated voices?

Never! All of our voiceovers are real people - We don't think computer generated voices are at a quality yet to replace human voiceovers, not even Alexa!

Can I write my own script?

Certainly! But we do have an in-house script writing team that can help in whatever capacity you need. Whether that is proofing and tweaking a provided script, or helping you start from scratch.

Do you offer a free demo?

We do, we offer bespoke customised demos from our real voiceovers with some music from our massive library. We don't cut quality for the demos, some of our customers even buy the demo outright!

What if I want my message in different language?

We can source speciality voiceovers if you require message in a different language or accent. We can even do novelty voices, like Santa or 'the movie preview guy'!

Can I have sound effects in my message?

Yes! We are happy to mix message with sound effects - If you include details of the effects needed in your script our audio team can source and add those onto the track.

Which bit of the messages do customers hear?

For welcome and voicemail messages the customer will usually hear it all, from the begining each time. For on hold messages this is entirely determined by your phone system. Some start at the begining every time (ours does!) but some start at a random place because the message is constantly playing. This could be important for the format of your script. Ask your maintainer if you aren't sure! Or talk to us about our state of the art VoIP solutions.

What sort of equipment do I need?

Most modern phone systems support on hold messages, either internally or via an external media player. Internal messages are usually loaded onto the system by your maintainer or IT department. External media players usually require an SD card or USB stick. If you aren't sure we have a telecoms team that can try and help, or if you're looking for an upgrade we can help provide modern VoIP telephone solutions.

Which file formats can you provide?

We haven't yet been asked for a format we can't provide. We can produce files in all the major formats, mp3, .wav and all the codecs you might need, including A-law, μ-law, and IMA ADPCM. We can also produce files in specific bit rates, such as 8bit 8khz, mono usually!

Do I need a PPL/PRS licence?

You only need a PPL/PRS licence if you're using music that is still collecting royalties. Our massive music library contains royalty free music, which means you NEVER need a PPL/PRS licence

What if I need to update my audio?

We can provide you with a quote to update or redo your audio anytime. Please get in touch.

Can I send you a purchase order?

If your company requires you to raise a purchase order for tracking purposes then feel free to send us a copy if it helps your admin.

Can I have a credit facility?

It is our company policy to work on a pre-payment basis for all sizes of audio jobs. If it is a large project, we may require an initial deposit to get started with staged payments (where appropriate) and a final payment upon completion before delivering a download.

Where is my invoice?

Sometimes emails can get caught in spam/junk filters or not arrive for other reasons. If you do not receive your invoice please check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there, try a search of your email. All our invoices start with the prefix INV- followed by a six-digit invoice number. If you have not received your invoice, please email us.