What was the task?

Les Hayes came to us with all the skills and experience you could want from a handyman, but without anything to market himself. Not only did Les need a website from us, he also needed help with his branding, including a business name, logo and colour scheme. He wanted us to create a friendly and approachable image, and for his website to be a short and simple pamphlet type design that quickly tells visitors everything that he can do.

How did we help?

We began by creating the friendly and approachable brand that Les was looking for. We decided to go with the name Happy Days Handyman Services and proceeded to create numerous logo designs, making use of what we felt was a bright and neutral colour scheme.

After Les had chosen his logo we moved forward with creating flyers. He needed something that he could spread around the local area to get his name out. Our aim was to create something eye catching and noticeable, and something that plainly tells readers what Les and his business is all about.

Our third and final action was to create his website. He only needed a small site but something that was both minimalist and modern, and encouraged visitors to get in contact. We believe consistency is key, so ensured that the website kept within the themes of the logo and flyer. We made good use of both photos and icons to clearly show where Les’ skills and expertise lie, and even included short videos to add that little extra bit of variety and liveliness.

Onhold Studio were a tremendous help with my marketing. The guys listened to my suggestions and did a great job of turning my ideas into a website. I really feel like they captured the happy handyman approach I wanted, with a simple but effective website. I’ve received plenty of good feedback about it.

Les Hayes, Owner

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