Dialects Not Robots 🤖

💷 Why is there a recording fee?

One of the many frequent questions we get asked here at Onhold Studio is “I thought it was just computer generated?” Now while that may be true of other music on hold providers, Onhold Studio only employs real people to voice our audio productions. That way, we can direct the script so the voiceover is delivering the narration in an appropriate way.

🎤 The right tone of voice

Here’s an example, say your company is called Bob’s Bouncy Castles, you’d probably want a fun and energetic message to your customers portraying how fun your product is to your customers. Now, if you owned Frank’s Funeral Parlour, you really wouldn’t want fun and energetic. Slow, clear and sympathetic sounding narration is much more suited to this type of business.

👨‍🎤 Yes but, no but

One of the main reasons we like the human voice is, let’s be honest, it’s authentic. Think about it, when you call an automated hotline, when a computer-generated voice is played down the phone, you can really notice it. Albeit, artificial intelligence is getting much better, just think of Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home they sound quite authentic but they’re still not quite there.

👀 Stop nebbin’ in me diary, buggerlugs

We’ve noticed an increased trend in customers specifying regional accents. This might not be suitable for the most corporate of our clients but if you’re a local business, you should certainly consider a local sounding voice. Using real people obviously makes the whole process much easier, using a person from London to do a Scouse accent is probably going to be a disaster unless they’ve studdied the accent for years.