Do On Hold Messages Affect Customer Experience?

At your business, you always strive to provide the best customer experience possible. From prompt customer service, to top-notch products and services, customer satisfaction is paramount.

But one factor often overlooked when trying to create an optimal customer experience is the dreaded “on hold” message. This message is played to customers when they call in and must wait to speak with an employee. While many customers dread the sound of an automated message, they are actually an important part of the customer service experience.

First of all, on hold messages are helpful because they keep customers informed. When a customer calls in, they can hear that their call is important and that they have not been forgotten. Hearing this automated message lets customers know they are being taken care of rather than being put on the back burner.

In addition, on hold messages are helpful because they provide useful information to the customer. The message may offer important contact information, website links, product information, and much more. Having these bits of helpful information ensures that customers don’t miss out on important pieces of your business’s offerings just because they are waiting.

All in all, on hold messages may not be a popular part of the customer experience, but they can certainly help. In fact, these automated messages may just be the key to helping customers feel supported, even if they have to wait to speak with an employee.

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