What was the task?

Tate Financial were in the market for their first website and needed something sharp and very professional. As a national company and experts in business finance, regional grants and funding, they were used to dealing with some quite high-end clients. With this in mind, they needed an impressive website that suits their industry and clientele.

How did we help?

A corporate approach was important, as this was the type of client Tate attracts. We needed something that instantly communicates to these types of visitors to the site, that Tate is right for them. Throughout the build of the website, we consulted with Tate and utilised their expertise in the financial sector. Together we aimed to create a sleek and bold theme, using colour schemes and fonts suitable for the industry.

Imagery wasn’t so important for Tate’s website, as they are not in the type of industry that requires the showcasing products. The focus of the website was more so on top quality content, the layout of the pages, and the overall structure. Functionality and usability were vital. Everything a visitor might need, had to be present, easy to find and understandable.

Tate Financial continue to work with high-end clients and their new website has only helped with their endeavours. We still work closely with them, keeping their website up to date and helping them to retain new clients.

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