What was the task?

Robert Williams Embossers needed a modern, informative and responsive website to promote all of their products and services. Their previous website had been very dated so they were seeking one with a contemporary theme, up-to-date features and an enhanced user experience.

How did we help?

The products and services provided by Robert Williams Embossers are all about the look and feel. With this in mind we aimed to use large, colourful, high-quality imagery. We wanted the colours and textures to be jumping out the screen at visitors, almost giving them the impression they can reach out and touch them. We felt this was important as it gives the viewer a feel of what Robert Williams Embossers is all about and what they can offer.

With a product range in a variety of colours, we also felt it was important for the website to adhere to this. We made use of a range of bright and eye-catching colours and made these a staple of the website’s theme. We even recreated the business’ branding, adding a strip of colour to it that features the five main colours we made use of throughout the website.

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