New Year, New Inspiration

When callers return to doing business after the festive season, remember, they won’t want to hear Jingle Bells! The savviest of your callers will be checking to see if you have updated your welcome message or your on hold message to reflect the new year.

There are plenty of times throughout the year when your on hold messages can be left for a while, but this is not one of them.

With the new year, comes new inspiration. Think about including things like your companies goals for the new year. Tell your customers about where you plan to take your company in 2018.

Are you launching a new product or service, tell your callers exactly what it is you’ve are launching, “We’re launching a new vegan-friendly rustic pie this month, ask us for details.” The same goes for new accolades, tell your callers how proud you are to have received or to have been nominated etc.

Update your backing music with something new. If you have previously used a particular music on hold track or style, change it up for a fresh sound. The same can be said for the voiceover you use. Think about switching it to a male if you’ve been using a female announcer, and vice-versa.

Think about shortening paragraphs. A shorter, punchier on hold script will get your points noticed and will be more easily retained, not only that, adding calls to action will prompt your callers to ask you questions about your products and services too.

Your on hold messages can be whatever you want them to be, think of the advertisements you hear on the radio. They’re often fun and try to engage, entertain and impress you. Despite what you might think about them they are memorable and effective.

Don’t wait, people, the new year is here. Happy new year!