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Maintaining Brand Consistency Across the Phoneline

Businesses spend countless hours fine-tuning their marketing methods to represent their brand properly and consistently throughout social media, email, leaflets, and many other platforms. 

However, the phone line is often neglected. It’s easy to overlook the value of this medium, but with it being one of the only direct and live methods of communication with the customer, it is incredibly valuable to pay attention to it. There aren’t many ways to actively get your clients’ attention as well as the phone line.

To really emphasise the importance of a properly curated group of phone messages, we have to look through the customer journey, starting with the welcome message or menu. If you want your brand perception to really stick, then it’s important to insert it into your welcome message. Very simply, you can create a rapport with the customer upon first impression, rather than having the call just ring through, almost like a front of house, by responding to the call and explaining what is happening: “Thank you for calling Good Business, we’re connecting you to a member of our team.”

Very straightforward, but effective. You have established yourself and communicated with the customer about the next stage. This is much better than just hearing ringing, as you now know you’re connected. You can also include menus with extensions to direct the client, but this is just as effective a message as the screening message before connecting an incoming call.

Once your rep has spoken to the caller, the second active instance for reinforcing your brand identity lies within on hold messages, quite possibly the best chance to do this as callers can at times be on hold for multiple minutes. And while it is beneficial and good practise to market sales and such in these messages, there’s always room for a little information about your business, its values, accolades, and what you’re working towards achieving.

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