Do companies value your phone call?

Is there be anything more irritating than being left waiting on hold when calling a customer service line, being told that your call is important to you? Almost certainly, how about being left on hold while listening to Drake or Justin Bieber on repeat, for a whole 20 minutes?

Here at Onhold Studio, we know a thing or two when it comes to the production of on hold messages.

In a recent survey by consumer group Which? half of its members surveyed said such reassurance was most likely to make them see red while hanging on the line.

Next on the frustration list was being directed to the company’s website and apologise for all operators being busy.

Callers would rather be told how long they would have to wait, Which? found.

Many also wanted to know where they were in the queue, and to be given the choice of being called back. Nearly half of those asked said that classical music was the most soothing while waiting.

Nine in ten of those asked felt that they were prepared to wait on the line for no longer than five minutes.

The vast majority of our customers like to mix things up, they challenge us to make an interesting production with proper audio value.

We understand that callers don’t want to be on hold, but putting customers on hold – especially at busy times is inevitable.

Onhold Studio – Because being on hold doesn’t have to be boring!