Christmas Music & Messages

Festive jingles to keep your callers entertained this Christmas

Let everyone know your company is full of festive cheer by changing your hold music to Royalty Free Christmas Music for the festive season. We've got loads of festive favourites recorded in various styles to choose from.

Various File Formats for System Compatability

Onhold Studio can provide downloads that include the following file formats:

  • CCITT Ulaw (wav) - 8bit, 8kHz mono
  • MP3 192 kbps
  • WAV, mono, 16bit, 8kHz
  • WAV, mono, 16bit, 44kHz

We can provide the full quality WAV file so you can convert to any other format.

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Many of our customers update their messages at Christmas to celebrate the festive season and thank their clients for their business over the year. Why not get a custom greeting from Santa or Mrs Claus?

In demand, every Christmas, are our very talented mince pie eating Christmas Santa voices. We have four to choose from, Santa Bob, Santa Craig, Santa Eddie and Santa Guy. They've sleigh-loads of personality, a key trait in being a Santa Voiceover. What's more, we've even got Mrs Claus for those who would like more than one voiceover to make your messages extra Christmassy!

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