Single Payment Options

We understand that small businesses want On Hold Messages or IVR Call Menu messages but don’t want to be locked into lengthy contracts.

At Onhold Studio, we give you the option to receive a fixed cost for your phone messaging script, based on the length of the final production.

Our voiceovers are Professional Voice Artists with thousands of scripts under their belts. They know how to keep your telephone marketing messages engaging and interesting, whilst remaining professional and friendly.

Music licenses can be very expensive for businesses. That’s why all our On Hold Music is PRS/PPL free, meaning you don’t need any additional licenses to use it on your telephone system.


We offer complementary scriptwriting. We can use your website or marketing material to create a custom script for your company.


With men, women and children of all ages, and a range of different styles and local accents, we’re bound to have the ideal voice.


From easy listening to metal, our library of royalty-free music features different styles and genres throughout the decades.

Sound FX

Jazz up your messages. Interest, engage and maybe even amuse your callers. A happy caller increases your likelihood of success.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding customer service and support, along with expert audio production advice.

High Quality

Our audio productions are optimised by our studio technicians, ensuring we provide great audio quality, no matter the application.

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