National Apprenticeship Week: Back to the Floor

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we sent our Managing Director, Steve Mason, back to the floor to allow him to become an ‘Apprentice’ for the morning.

Steve took part in dealing with enquiries, editing sound files for our sister companies telephone system, changing CSS code on a client’s Website as well as creating social media assets for Facebook and Twitter for National Apprenticeship Week. He was shown some new practices on how to deliver some of the key products our companies can offer by former apprentices at Training 4 Careers and Onhold Studio.

Speaking about the morning, Steve commented, “I was fascinated by the team’s technical ability to deliver the services that our companies provide. Whether it was learning how on hold messages are created, modifying a webpage to a customer’s specification, or posting on social media about National Apprenticeship Week, each of the employees had something useful to share.”