Improve Customer Service with On Hold Messages

What are some of the ways businesses can use on hold messages to improve their customer service? Small businesses, in particular, have an added advantage over their competitors, which are larger.

In the construction industry, we talk about the business gaining accolades and certifications. It gives people confidence. We talk about the excellence of their staff; whether they’re uniformed, what their training is. It puts people who are listening at ease and makes the company sound much more credible.

Veterinary practices are a growing area of note, it is important to make callers feel comfortable by being warm and personal. The music and voiceover choice can help here too. Blend the music that fits your style.

Another area is salons, these tend to have either a really high energy, edgy feel, or it might have a very laid-back personal kind of jazzy cool approach. Each salon can set their tone with the music as well and you can also choose whether it’s a male or a female voice to see what’s working.

That’s why we offer a free demo service to all our potential customers, it gives you the opportunity to hear what your on hold production might sound like before you commit to purchasing.

How can on hold messages help a small business increase its sales? There are a few things to consider when preparing the on hold script for recording. On hold messaging can be an extra tool in the plethora of marketing tools available to your business.

You can use on hold messages to reiterate an upcoming sale, talk about alternative products or services, let your callers know when you will be closing over a holiday period and even direct them to your website or social media channels. These are just some of the reasons our customers use OHS to improve their customer service.