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We are a digital marketing agency, specialising in website development and audio marketing for telephones.
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Onhold Studio are a website design, professional recording and audio production studio. We help businesses to grow and improve by reinforcing their brand and giving them a professional approach.

We seek to build websites in your vision, as they are a place that promotes you. Through our combined efforts we can design a website that’s modern, inventive, attractive and informative. Let us give your brand a commanding presence on the web.

Additionally, we also specialise in audio marketing for telephone systems. This includes producing on hold messages, out of hours messaging, auto attendants and voicemails. We can take care of every part of the process for you, from creation to installation.

Why not get in touch to find out more about what we can do? Or let’s arrange a meeting. Tea or coffee?

on hold welcome message


Immediately and instantly introduces your business and represent it in a positive, professional and impressive manner.

on hold messages

On Hold

Engage, attract and appeal to your callers while promoting your business and reinforcing your brand.

on hold out of hours

Out of Hours

Inform anybody who calls during your closed time of your opening days and hours and suggest they visit your website.

on hold auto attendant

Auto Attendant

Present your callers with multiple options ensuring that they’re directed to where they need to be swiftly.

on hold mobile voicemail

Mobile Voicemail

For those who run business from their mobile, let those callers you missed know you’ll get back to them soon.

on hold voiceovers


With men, women and children of all ages, and a range of different styles, we’re bound to have the ideal voice for you.

on hold music

On Hold Music

Our extensive library of music features a range of different styles and genres from throughout the world and the years.

entertaining on hold messages


Interest, engage and maybe even amuse your callers. A happy caller increases your likelihood of success.

Not convinced? Order a free and customised on hold demo so we can show you what we can do!

Our Website Services

Let’s create a website that:

  • Is responsive and works on all devices
  • Thoroughly reinforces your brand and identity
  • Promotes all of your products and services
  • Is modern, stylish and professional
  • Suits your needs and matches your requirements
  • Delivers the results that you expect

  • Is fully functional and values the user experience
  • Shows visitors what is unique and different about you
  • Your competitors will envy
  • Is easily understandable and informative
  • Will make search engines take notice

Want to find out how effective your current website is and how we can help with it? Get a free analytical report!