Out of Hours Messages

Don’t leave your callers wondering why you didn’t answer.

A potential new customer gives your business a call. Nobody picks up the phone and the line¬†just rings out. The customer doesn’t know why nobody answered and they don’t even know if they’ve called the right place. Perhaps they decide not to call back at all.

This is how easy it is to lose a potential new customer when they’re deprived of basic information. This is a problem that all businesses have to deal with as everybody has to close.

A professionally recorded Out of Hours telephone message can change all of this for you.

Firstly your callers can be introduced to your business. This instantly lets them know they’ve called the right place. You can then follow this up by letting them know your opening hours. Ensuring the caller knows exactly when you’re next open for a return call. Finish your message by suggesting they leave you a voicemail, letting you know exactly what they need and that they’ll need a call back soon.

Why not also direct the caller towards your website for the time being? This enables them to find out more about your business, products and services while they wait until they can call you back. Additionally, for specific businesses the opportunity is there to give the caller an emergency phone number or other contact details.

Have a listen!

Below you can listen to a few examples of Out of Hours messages that we’ve previously produced.

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