You only get one chance to make a first impression.

When a customer calls you, what do they hear?

People will so very often judge you on the first thing they hear. So make sure their first judgement is a great one.

Why do I need a welcome message?

A welcome message automatically greets everybody who gives you a call. A warm, professional and welcoming introduction can be exactly the first steps taken towards a productive relationship with a caller, or even a business deal.

  • You will also have the added benefit of instantly letting everybody know where they’ve called,
  • This will reduce the amount of time wasted on wrong number callers.

About our welcome messages

We can create a custom welcome message for your business, this can instantly create a positive and professional atmosphere for the caller. The right voice, with maybe a bit of music too, can convey the right sort of mood and get your relations off to the perfect start. You’d be surprised how much people can tell about your business from the finer details.

Have a listen!

Below you can listen to some examples of welcome messages we’ve produced.

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