Support Centre

Using the OHS Support Centre save companies the burden of hiring staff members saving additional costs such as salaries, pension contributions, and associated costs. Avoid the stress of dealing with staff shortages.

Enabling your staff to concentrate on their strengths and assist in the growth of your business.

Professional staff able to manage more calls, deal with more enquiries, doing what they do best and have been trained for!

Fixed costs, more cost effective than employing staff, utilise in busy periods, switch on or off as needed. Use for campaigns, handling busy times or unsociable hours.

Why should you consider OHS Support Centre to handle your valued caller’s enquiries:

  • Call Management Solutions tailored to your business
  • Enable you to run your business!
  • Never miss a call
  • Promote your services to every caller (Sales Team)
  • Professional welcome to every caller
  • Customer perception of your business enhanced
  • Customer will never hear an engaged tone
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Seamless transfer to you if call urgent!
  • Update your marketing messages if required
  • Professional night message or call handling options if 24hr service required
  • Assistance with marketing campaigns and online business development if required.

Please find an example of a typical call, handled by OHS, below:

Welcome Message

All of your callers are greeted by a professionally recording welcome message, assuring them they have called the correct company.

Call Answered

Your call will be answered promptly by one of our operatives, talking to your customers using a provided script and a positive demeanor.

Marketing Message

Your callers will hear a professional marketing message advertising your services, or directing them to more information while they wait.

Message Taken

One of operatives will take a message and contact information which will be emailed, or text, across to you to respond to at an appropriate time.

Why not talk to a member of our team to find out more? Contact us!