How Often Should We Update Our On Hold Messages?

We get asked that a fair bit here at Onhold Studio. So what are the telltale signs that you need to update your current on hold message?

Firstly, think about what type of business you run and how often or regularly your customers or clients call your business. Are you a dental practice? Then it is most likely that the majority of your patients only call a couple of times a year to make an appointment, so frequent on hold updates may be a little bit unnecessary in this case – unless you are actively seeking to update your messages with information on new services, a great new fandangled product or special event.

Perhaps you may be a car parts supplier, do your customers call your business regularly? If your answer to this is yes, then will most likely need to keep things freshened up more regularly. These types of businesses can benefit from frequent updates, so the information stays up to date, relevant and more importantly doesn’t bore the poor earluggs of the people calling your business while you are looking to see if you stock their spare parts.

If the above examples haven’t inspired you – How can you decide it is time to update your on hold messages? Why not consider these few points;

Is any part of your current on hold message outdated? It’s time to fix that. You don’t want to appear behind the times. Or worse still – tell your callers something wrong – and lose their interest. No one wants to know about 2016’s winter sale, it’s 2017!

Have you got something new to promote? This is a perfect opportunity to remind or inform callers. Tell your customers about your new 2-4-1 drinks offer, 10% discount for students and loyalty rewards scheme!

Has your business won an award or something worth bragging about? Go on, promote your wins! Keeping things fresh and current will help build your value with clients.

When was the last time you updated your on hold messages? Old, stale messages that callers repetitively hear doesn’t give a great impression of you or your business. Callers get bored quickly, you lose customers. We recommend sprucing your messages up from time to time, even if it is just a change of backing music!

Any recent successes that your callers should know about? Believe it or not, your customers like to know they’re dealing with someone that can trust. They like to know they’re in good hands. If you have done something recently that proves you’re on top of your game, humbly tell them!

Well that was a bit of a long one, wasn’t it?! Remember, if you consider these brief points, it should help you decide if it is time to freshen up your on hold message. Changes don’t need to be major, by simply changing a single paragraph or refreshing the music bed, you can deliver a massive benefit in the caller’s ear.

So take the time to review your on hold message regularly, print off the script and read through it and make the time to speak it out loud to a colleague or friend. If you really are a Mr or Mrs forgetful, it may be wise to mark a date on your calendar or to-do list when it is time to take action.