Video Business Card

Don’t restrict yourself to only having a hard copy business card in the digital age.

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After attending any sort of event or meeting with either potential or current clients, customers or partners, you will so often leave a business card or two. Everything is gradually becoming more digital based, and there is no reason you shouldn’t leave a business card online either.

An electronic video business card can be placed in your email signature, emailed directly, posted on social media, uploaded to your website etc.

It’s a stylish and attractive way of handing out your details, and it’s something another individual can save for reference. But a video business card comes with an additional feature. Clicking on one takes you to an external web page with a customised and tailored video.

It’s not always possible to get somebody to your product, service or business so why not send your product, service or business to them. There is simply no better way to display something than for people to see it in action.

Your video can be about whatever you want it to be, but they’re all designed to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer and by presenting you and your brand in a professional and positive light. Refrain from having to tell people about what you’ve got. Send them a video business card and let it do all the work for you.

For examples of our work click on any of the video business cards below.

Looking for The Business Video Company? We’re now part of OHS.

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