Email Marketing

Have your business appear in the inboxes of thousands.

Looking for The Business Video Company? We’re now part of OHS.

The tools we use allow us to create fully customisable and visually attractive emails that are suitable for your business. Our emails are built to fit your needs and are designed to be consistent with your brand, including logos, styles and themes to match. We can include anything that might be required, such as images, links, buttons and contact information.

The key to success with email marketing is targeting the right markets. We’re happy to target data supplied by you, whether that be current clients or new leads, but if you need help with fresh data we’re able to assist. We can source data that meets your precise requirements, ensuring your email campaigns are as successful as possible.

The success of a campaign is often measured by opens and clicks. We always aim to exceed industry averages and alter future campaigns based on the success of past ones. Our analytics allow us to track in depth details, such as when a user opens the email and how many times. We can even track where on the email the individual clicked, to learn what exactly attracts people.

Show Rather than Tell

Corporate e-commerce site with hundreds of products

Professional brochure site showcasing services

Eye catching and visually driven design

Large furniture, home and gift e-commerce website

An animated, fun and creatively unique design

Small and precise pamphlet style introductory website

Looking for The Business Video Company? We’re now part of OHS.

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