Digital Marketing

Launch your business across the internet, find a strategy that works for you.

Looking for The Business Video Company (The BVC)? We’re still here! We are working with our sister company closer than ever before and decided it would be a good idea to keep all of our services under the same roof 😊

A website would be your focal point on the internet. The main hub that people visit to learn about your business. So ensure it’s professional, stylish, modern, informative and functional.

If a picture tells a thousand words, how many does a video? Have a presenter introduce a brand new product or have an animation that explains how it works.  Make your vision a reality.

Have your business appear in the inbox of thousands instantaneously. Our stylish email designs and live and tracked analytics help us build effective and targeted campaigns for you.

Millions of people use social media everyday. By not promoting and branding yourself across the various platforms you’re completely missing a massive market.


Your website might be great but is it optimised? People only know you’re good once they see you’re good. With Search Engine Optimisation you can increase traffic to your website.

The quickest and easiest method for driving traffic directly towards your website. Set yourself a budget and start targeting a specific audience on your way to success.

Leave your mark wherever you go. A Video Business Card doesn’t only have the functionality of a standard business card. It also presents the receiver with an informative video about you.

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