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4 Great Tips on How to Get Customer Feedback Results

Customer feedback is critical to a company’s success, it helps you identify areas of the business that need improvement which in turn can…
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Is Video Marketing Cost-Effective?

When creating a marketing strategy, marketers often think that video marketing is expensive and may not give a good ROI, but the actual…
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8 Tips for Salon & Spa On Hold Music

Does this sound familiar? Your hair salon or spa’s phone is ringing all day. People want to know when you're open, to make…
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Corporate Video

Why You Need a Corporate Video

There are many ways to promote your business, but one of the most popular ways potential customers like to engage with your brand…
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SMART Marketing

What is SMART Marketing?

A SMART marketing plan is a framework for measuring the success of your marketing efforts. But SMART doesn’t just have to be for…
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Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience

In the eyes of the client, your workers are the embodiment of your company. They put a face to the name and represent…
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Promote your Website with a Solid On Hold Marketing Strategy

You may have a solid SEO strategy, and you could be blowing your competitors out of the water with your content marketing, but…
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The Rise of L&D

Workplace training has always played an important role in a company’s success. However a new study has revealed that it’s about to take…
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