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Audio Branding versus Sonic Branding

Our daily lives are affected by sound. Just like having the right logo for your brand, sound can have the same effect. People…
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Is Video Marketing Cost-Effective?

When creating a marketing strategy, marketers often think that video marketing is expensive and may not give a good ROI, but the actual…
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Promote your Website with a Solid On Hold Marketing Strategy

You may have a solid SEO strategy, and you could be blowing your competitors out of the water with your content marketing, but…
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on-hild marketing missed opportunity

Is your Missed call a Missed Opportunity?

With the rise of social and email communication and you could be forgiven for thinking a missed call isn’t that big of a…
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Is It Getting Harder to Talk to Customers on Social Media?

Is this the start of a new trend or simply attention seeking? Most of us have a social media account, but will choosing…
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